Dear Premier High School Families,

Premier High School hopes you had a wonderful Spring Break in the company of your loved ones.

As most of you have already heard, Amarillo ISD has cancelled classes as a precaution for the spread of the Coronavirus. Premier High Schools continue to monitor the situation closely as the safety of our students, families, and staff are extremely important to us. For this reason we will follow the same calendar as Amarillo ISD.

Premier High School students have always had the option to work from home, whether online or through paper units. That’s one of the components we believe in so strongly. Most universities are now switching from attending classes in person to doing their work from home. The main purpose for doing this is that we are almost at the end of the year and students are very close to achieving their completion of credits. Our schools do not want to delay that achievement.

Therefore, Premier High School has developed a learning plan to have staff ready to continue with the instructional program this coming week, beginning on Tuesday, March 24th. Your

Campus Director and teachers will be working on Monday the 23rd to prepare all of the resources needed for your students to continue working from home. Teachers will check in via cell phones or online and will inform them of this process prior to Tuesday.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your campus Director, Becky Pinson at

We are grateful for your support and hope that this situation is quickly under control.

Respectfully yours,

Dina Acevedo


At Premier High Schools

the success of our students is what matters most. Some students need a new opportunity, while others seek an individualized educational approach that is not offered by traditional schools. Whether a student has fallen behind or simply wants to get ahead, our true learner-based environment program is designed to ensure that they learn and succeed.


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